Skoog is a NatureTech PropTech startup with the mission to enable the standing-forest economy and disrupt rural land use. In the summer of 2022, the company came out of an early-stage VC programme (Antler Oslo), where potential founders are picked from the top 2-3% of the applicants. At the competitive programme, our founders also succeeded in being among the small split to secure VC funding after demonstrating early product-market-fit and traction.

Our Values

Ecocentrism: We trust in the Earth’s innate ability to restore itself. This requires placing intrinsic value on all living beings and ecosystems regardless of their perceived short-term utility, without which sustainable use of natural resources will remain an empty promise. We think a careful design can achieve a positive feedback loop between economic profitability and ecological sustainability, infinitely ♾️.

Selective innovation: We are a team of creatives and innovators capable of delivering digital disruption in various domains and directions. Because we have this choice, we are also cautious and “picky” about where to spend this power. We believe that unhinged exponential technologies have made our lives faster, but not always better. So, we think a technological civilization should aim at a later paradise than an earlier dystopia. What is the point of rushing to unfold mankind’s fate when time is inevitably doing it? What about the quality of this destiny? As a result, while we experiment and innovate, we will deliberately cease to deploy or launch features or products that turn out to speed up wrong processes and will focus on innovating where the long-term well-being of life on this planet is incorporated by design.

Open work culture: We expect our outputs and processes to promote a culture of freedom, fun, and independence. As an exponential organization (ExO), we believe in democratic and empathetic leadership, kindness, and integrity, not domination. We don’t mandate inclusion; it will naturally follow. Similarly, like nature, resilience is our main ambition, not agility and growth if they come unnaturally. Also, as hard as it sounds, we strive for simplicity and elegance; less is more.

Augusto Andrade
Co-founder & Advisor

Nima Darabi
Co-founder & CEO

Marianna Gomes
Agricultural Engineer

Alice Carlsson
Product Advisor

Muhammad Nabeel Mubashar
Full-stack Developer

Hamid Reza Jamali
XR Developer

Frederico Simões
Forest Researcher

Ivett Josefine Geiger
Sales & Marketing Specialist

Open Positions:


You are a leader, experienced in web development, a software engineer with experience in geospatial applications, a remote sensing specialist, or a fast-learning technology enthusiast with a track record of delivering technology. Then, this exciting role of building Skoog’s flagship B2C platform, Farmbook, could be yours. Through this intuitive and frictionless map, users will navigate the entire globe to see the visualization of various metrics and interactive graphical solutions for their land use. r restoration projects overlaid on the satellite view of their properties. You will join our quickly growing team of geospatial product building.

Your Challenges:

  • Capturing various forms of geospatial data from satellites
  • Designing data architecture for storage, processing, and loading of large amounts of data in a Cloud solution
  • Embedding products made by the data team on the core map
  • Working closely with the product team to ensure the best user experience

Job Requirements:

  • Remote-sensing experience, both LiDAR and satellite
  • Expert in at least one Cloud solution (preferably Azure)
  • GeoJSON
  • Django, React, or Angular
  • Experience with GIS tools
  • Basic Machine Learning knowledge, preferably Computer Vision
  • Familiarity with XR/VR

Candidate Features:

  • Agile and hands-on
  • Problem-solver
  • Technology enthusiast
  • Clean and organized
  • Quick Learner, ready to try new things
  • Impact-driven

Digital Marketing Intern

If you are a Digital Marketing Enthusiast with a growth mindset, your goal in this role is to develop and implement online marketing strategy.
On a daily basis, you will be responsible for writing new stories, or converting stories and blog posts to advertising campaigns with unforgettable content.

Your Challenges:

  • Plan and implement stories and campaigns (text, images, videos, infographics)
  • Adjusting the contents for various social media channels, to launch simultaneously: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog/Website
  • Making monthly newsletters
  • Conduct campaign and competition analysis
  • Continually optimise all campaigns and strategy
  • Maintain relationships with relevant influencers and activist networks

Job Requirements:

  • Handy in video editing software (Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, iMovie)
  • Handy in Adobe Photoshop
  • Familiar with Web analytics tools and SEO
  • Fluent in English
  • 3 years of experience in Content creation, Social Media Marketing or Performance Marketing

Candidate Features:

  • Artistic & Creative
  • Motivated & Ambitious
  • Organised
  • Proactive and ready to try new things
  • Impact-driven and nature-enthusiast