Unlock your land’s potential

Skoog gives landowners of all property sizes access to carbon markets with a simplified user journey to supply top-quality forest-based credits to net-zero pioneers.

We are on a mission to conserve and restore forests, and to improve agricultural practices through agroforestry. With financial incentives from carbon markets and giving landowners options to monetize the value of their trees, Skoog enables the standing forest economy.

The edge of Technology

Applying the latest computer vision algorithms on remote sensing data, we measure carbon stocks accurately.

End-to-end automation

We use technology throughout the entire cycle of creating, certifying and monitoring carbon projects.

Scaling the knowledge

We tap into local wisdom and extensive research to scale proven methods for each ecosystem.

Democratizing Carbon Market

Skoog simplifies carbon markets with a user-centric solution for landowners of all property sizes.

Direct Connection

Forming a relationship between suppliers and buyers makes the net-zero journey more trustworthy, impactful and meaningful.

Boots on the Ground for Systemic Change

We partner with local communities offering incentives to drive adoption and bring about a new economy.

Our platform provides financial incentives to farmers and landowners to conserve or restore their forests and improve agricultural practices.
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Across various industries, companies with a clear plan for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions use our solution to offset what they can not yet eliminate.
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Why Skoog?

Our founders met through the Antler programme in Oslo, a startup builder they joined with different backgrounds but an aligned purpose….

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