Skoog uses a wide array of technologies to automate and digitize the entire process of identifying properties, assessing risk, estimating carbon credit potential, certifying credits, creating contracts, monitoring and managing payments to landowners.

AI technologies in remote sensing

Applying the latest advancements in computer vision and machine learning on satellite imagery, airborne and terrestrial LiDAR data, we estimate tropical forest carbon stocks and inventories with precision and at a low cost.

Multidisciplinary models

We bring insights from ecology, agroforestry, and socioeconomics, to ensure a sustained and systemic change. Skoog’s Risk Map™ factors in each biome’s ecological and environmental realities and financial gains from different land-use scenarios to predict deforestation trends. Our user-centric products showcase interactive infographics addressing optimization for both local communities’ economic growth and forest resources’ protection and restoration.

Automation of carbon verification process

We automate the processes involved in the issuance and verification of forest-based carbon credits, based upon standard methodologies and detailed procedures for quantifying the real greenhouse gas (GHG) benefits of each of our projects.

Carbon Price Intelligence

Skoog’s Carbon Intelligence Dashboard™ provides visual and intuitive insights into the carbon market across its evolving indices. Our technical market forecast employs time series analyses of statistical trends and other quantitative prediction models. Our fundamental analysis uses real-time macroeconomics data to paint a more compelling picture and help our customers make data-driven decisions based on the current state of the market.