What Could This Little Ice Cream Shop Teach Us About Bioeconomy?

The shift to a sustainable, low-carbon, circular bioeconomy represents a business opportunity worth $7.7T, besides a massive potential to conserve natural ecosystems and shift to more healthy diets. This anecdotal story explains how this all comes together. The Cerrado The Cerrado savanna, which lies mainly in Brazil, has never received the same attention as its …

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The Opportunity in Silvopasture

Balancing the impact of existing livestock production can be a win-win for cattle farmers and the environment Drivers of Tropical Deforestation Several studies¹ examined the relationship between tropical deforestation and agriculture, i.e. clearing forests to grow crops, raise livestock and produce products such as paper. Over the years examined by these studies were made, anything …

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Augusto Almir Andrade, Ana Verguiero, Sergio Verguiero

Carbon Masters – the Vergueiro Method

“Integrate to retain” This slogan summarizes Brazil’s efforts to integrate, populate and develop the Amazon in the 1960s and early 1970s, asserting territorial sovereignty over its portion of the world’s largest tropical rainforest. These efforts included both industrialization (with the introduction of the Manaus Free Trade Zone) and the attempt to expand agricultural frontiers with …

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Why Skoog?

Our founders met through the Antler programme in Oslo, a startup builder they joined with different backgrounds but an aligned purpose. Augusto was born in Brazil, the son of two agriculture engineers and from a family of cattle farmers on his father’s side. He studied Industrial Engineering and spent fifteen years working for a management …

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